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American Indian and Alaska Native Living

A one-hour weekly talk show focusing on health issues in Indian country, viewed in a holistic way in keeping with traditional Native perspectives, hosted by David DeRose M.D.

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"Making Healthy Choices Stick” with Lucia Tiffany, RN, MPH

Lucia Tiffany, RN, MPH, joins Dr. DeRose to share practical tips on how to be successful in making... Read More

"Dr. DeRose Answers Your Health Questions, Episode 4"

In this week’s broadcast, Dr. David DeRose answers health questions that have been submitted to the... Read More

Novel Lifestyle Change Strategies

This week’s show begins with the story of an international radio network that has found an amazing... Read More

"Natural Remedies for Infectious Diseases"

Until the last several years, natural remedies were in vogue for just about everything except... Read More

“LIGHT, and more, for Your Community”

For centuries, Native Americans and other indigenous peoples have valued natural treatments for... Read More

“Encouraging Signs in Heaven and on Earth”

What does a personal struggle with high blood pressure have in common with astronomy? Today’s show... Read More

Saving Your Teeth with Lynelle DeRoo, DHS

Dentistry continues to make huge strides. However, for most of us, we’ll never do better than our... Read More

Jump Start Your Health During October 2022 with David DeRose, MD, MPH

The holidays can be wonderful times, but they can also pose risks to healthy lifestyle choices. In... Read More

“22-Day Healthy Lifestyle Challenge”

In just over three weeks, you can transform your health. Native health professional, Dr. Joni... Read More

"From Adversity to Hope" with Wes Peppers

Despite being raised in an environment of serious family conflict, then descending into alcoholism... Read More