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American Indian and Alaska Native Living

A one-hour weekly talk show focusing on health issues in Indian country, viewed in a holistic way in keeping with traditional Native perspectives, hosted by David DeRose M.D.

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Drs. David DeRose and Angeline Brauer on the True Causes of Disease

Dr. Angie Brauer shares her passion for disease prevention by championing and/or developing...

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“Reimagining Healthcare" with April Kyle and Dr. DeRose

In Dr. DeRose’s interview with April Kyle, you will gain a behind-the-scenes look at the Nuka...

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"From Illness to Healer" with Mimi Kroger

Mimi Kroger draws from her own experience with lupus, kidney failure, and ultimately a kidney... Read More

Dr. DeRose Answers Your Health Questions, Episode 5

In this week’s broadcast, Dr. David DeRose answers more of the health questions that listeners have... Read More

“Stop CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy)” with Doug Zegel

A tragic suicide linked to CTE sends Doug Zegel and his wife on a worldwide mission to halt a... Read More