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David DeRose MD, MPH

Board-certified specialist in Internal Medicine and Preventive Medicine, David DeRose, MD, MPH, is a practicing clinician and co-author of the best-selling book, “Thirty Days to Natural Blood Pressure Control.”

“The ABCs of Health Behavior Change" with Dr. David DeRose

Are you looking for insights that will help you break free from your bad habits for good? Dr....

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“Public Health: A Life-Changing Journey” with Dr. Jean Cadet

From humble roots in Haiti, Dr. Jean Cadet shares an inspiriting story that takes him from medical...

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“Public Health and Lifestyle Changes” with Dr. Linnaya Graf

Learn how public health provides valuable insights into how to have healthier, happier lives—and...

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FAST 8 – Part 5 with David DeRose, MD, MPH

As we continue the FAST 8 weight loss program, Dr. DeRose talks about additional keys to success,...

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FAST 8 – Part 4 with David DeRose, MD, MPH

Dr. DeRose offers special help to those who deal with addictions or struggle with their consumption... Read More

“Journey to Wholeness” with Patricia Nesbit, DMin

Dr. Trisha Nesbit shares her own personal journey from chronic disease to wellness—and along the... Read More

Insights from Michael Bird, APHA’s First and Only Native American President

Michael Bird shares insights from his personal and public health journey, as well as traditional... Read More

“A Successful Weight Loss Journey” with Melaura Lee Priest

Relatively simple lifestyle decisions can have long-term results. This is powerfully illustrated by... Read More

"The Diet Trap" with Jason Lillis, PhD

Researcher and Psychologist, Dr. Jason Lillis reveals how the keys to weight loss may be far... Read More

The Fast 8 Weight and Health Optimization Program-Part 2

Dr. DeRose answers your questions and shares more practical pointers based on his new free online... Read More