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Join Dr. David DeRose for the Summer 2024 Health Challenge. 

There’s absolutely no charge to join this simple but transformational program!


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Did you know that simply paying more attention to your choices can improve your health? 

Dr. DeRose has joined up with the HealthMotivate team to offer you a free life-changing program this summer.

It’s this simple…


1.        Use the form above to sign up for the new HealthMotivate health app.

2.        Choose a single behavior or metric that you commit to track throughout the summer of 2024. You may want to pay more attention to your blood pressure, your exercise, your weight, or even how much sleep you are getting.

3.        Track that behavior using the HealthMotivate app. The app will give you direct access to Dr. DeRose, allowing you to touch base with the doctor—and giving him opportunities to encourage you on the way.

4.        Over the course of the summer, Dr. DeRose will roll out opportunities to further improve your likelihood of success.

Please join our group of health-minded people as we seek to improve our well-being over the next couple of months. And don’t worry—although Dr. DeRose will let the group know about their cumulative progress—your personal data will not be shared in any way that identifies you. The app is fully HIPAA compliant with your security in mind.

Wishing you the best of health and wellness in the summer of 2024,

The Timeless Healing Insights Team